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Kids out on a trip


I was very nervous about putting my son into VPK. It would be his first time without a parent, grandparent or aunt for any amount of time. I wasn't sure how he would react or if he would even go, but as soon as I went and spoke with Busy Bees staff I knew that he would be alright. Our first day at VPK they all welcomed us with great big arms and took our picture so that we would remember the day forever. My son walked into the doors and Mrs. Divina took his hand and he could care less where I was. Ever since that he has loved going to school. He has made friends and can’t wait to go and see all of them every day. They take the kids on field trip and do amazing crafts with them. At most major holidays they have little parties for the kids doing arts and crafts while learning the importance of the holidays. They have homework on Tuesdays and Thursday, which is great because you can be involved with their learning at home. To see the improvement on a week to week basis is great. They encourage that the parent attend the field trip and help out in the classroom as much as they would like. They have a book they call the Popcorn Book that is the letter, numbers and sight words that they go over on Fridays with the kids, another great way for the parents to see the improvement. They do 3 tests during the year, beginning, middle and end. Mrs. Divina will go over the test with you each and every time, and answer any questions that you may have. My son went from below average in most everything to exceeding in everything. They have done an amazing job with him; I'm so glad that I decided to put my son in Busy Bees VPK program. It has been an excellent experience for him and us as well.

5.5.14 Theresa Riley


"I am a 30-something mom raising my children on my own because I lost my husband to cancer. After a long battle and a sad outcome, I moved my little family to Punta Gorda to recover. I didn’t have to leave the town we lived in and I wasn’t craving more change but it was something that I felt deep down was the right thing to do."

"We have lived here almost a year. My little ones are 6 and 3 now. My son has been at Busy Bee Early Learning Center (BBELC) almost the entire time. My daughter, although a Kindergartener, occasionally spends her time there after school and attends the week-long camps that BBELC offers to accommodate the year-round school calendar. After trying a few different programs, once I found BBELC, I again felt deep down it was the right thing (and place) for us."

"I grew up in Punta Gorda but left nearly 20 years ago. I did not return to the same town. Sure, I knew the waterways and the streets but the faces and places had changed wildly!! We were essentially moving to a new town. It is through BBELC that not only is my son (and daughter) receiving an education… Yes, an education (it’s not just babysitting)… Learning about numbers, letters, weather, nature, songs, making friendships… but the people that make up the school instantly offered themselves as a support system."

"The amazing lady that created and owns BBELC has made childcare her life and her own grandchildren attend the school. She’s never said this to me but it has been my observation that this is her love and passion; not her profession. Her right-hand (wo)man is a caring angel that calls to check on you the minute she doesn’t see your child’s face at drop-off. The teachers are friendly and kind and communicate with the parents directly so that you know what is happening with your child while you must be away."

"Busy Bee Early Learning Center really IS the place to bee!"

4.8.14 Carrie Madden


"Love love love this school. It's the best place to BEE !!!!"

4.1.14 Stephanie Marchand


"My 4 yr old granddaughter attends there, they have done a WONDERFUL job. She’s learned alot and has awesome directors and staff. I highly recommend busy bee to all... ...She loves it and they do alot activities there."

3.20.14 Tammy Voeks


"I just want to say Busy Bee is an awesome pre k program. They have wonderful directors and staff. My granddaughter attends there; she is 4 and writes her name. Knows her number and reads some words.  She’s learned so much since we transferred to them. They also do many activities outside of school. MERRY CHRISTMAS"

12.24.13 Tammy Voeks


"When we started looking for a place to send our girls to VPK, I had ideas of what I wanted. First, I wanted a place that felt like home. Busy Bee fit this perfectly. I wanted a place where the children were joyous. The caregivers and teachers that work there are kind and loving. You can tell they like their job. Our Teacher, Ms. Divina was amazing. She is patient, kind, funny, loving and passionate about what she does. The first day the girls went there were tears. But by the end of the first month they were asking to go. They wanted to be there. It was such a relief for me to know there were in a safe and loving environment. They have a solid learning foundation. By the end of the year they were fully prepared for the kindergarten experience; not only academically but socially as well."

9.19.2013 Jessica Sufferling


"Love this place and everyone there. You all are like part of my family. I’m blessed to have you all. And you know my kids just love you all."

Patti Green


"I wanted to take the time to say THANK YOU to each and everyone of you. Each of you have impacted Jayden's life in such a positive way. You have been there for his first footsteps, to wipe away his tears, during sickness, you have comforted him multiple times during accidents and "boo-boo's", you have encouraged him to try new foods, you have helped him through potty training, and have taught him so much knowledge. You assisted Jayden through transitioning and supported him while he received therapy on site as well as through the elementary school. Most of all you have provided Jayden with hugs reassurance, praise, consistency, and structure. Not only have you successfully guided Jayden as he has grown, but you have also reassured me by providing the best care a mom could ask for. It means the world to me to know in my heart the most precious person in my life is well taken care of, safe, loved, learning, and is having fun when I'm not with him. THANK YOU not only for taking care of Jayden but for always making sure "mom" is okay! I am so blesses to have woman like all of you caring for my son. I am so proud that my son has been with you since he was 6 months old... I don't think there is a better child care provider team than Busy Bee. You are a second family to Jayden and we feel Busy Bee truly is the best place to bee!!!

12.19.14 Ashley Hume

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